Meld deg på LAB: Tjenestedesign for ikke-designere 26.01.16

26.01.16 kl.09-12 på MESH, Tordenskioldsgate 3, Oslo.

Dette laboratorie om tjenestedesign holdes av Ted Matthews, primært på engelsk, men med mulighet for å bytte til norsk ved behov. Seminaret er en oppfølging til SosEnt-konferansen med samme tema, og åpent for alle. For påmelding, send mail til


45 minute presentation: What is service design?
Presentation will cover the basics of service design and service design thinking. As well as setting a clear context, it will cover the experiential vs the practical, the micro vs the meta. Time will be also taken to explain Design thinking as a unique innovation tool. Live drawing throughout the session will allow the participants to see how customer journeys are conducted. Introducing the basic tools of service design: Co-design, touchpoints and customer journeys.

Workshop: Casestudy – custumer journey The workshop itself will be broken into two parts. Here participants will work with case studies and personas developed specifically for this workshop. The first task will be to consider and map out an existing service and improve the service through a redesign of the customer journey at ‘pain points’. The second task will give the group the opportunity to design a new service whilst considering the core service offering along with the service experience.

Participants will be provided with customer journey sheets and each participant will receive a pack of AT ONE touchpoint cards. Pens and other materials will be provided.

About Ted Matthews:

Ted Matthews is an international speaker, trainer, practitioner and researcher in Service design. He is currently working with the Norwegian Football Association in the design of the national football game experience as well as advising Innovation Norway on the development of transformational tourist experiences for their new National Collection. Recently he co-designed Telenor’s Service Design Academy, which he is now delivering across the globe. He has 10 years of experience in the field working with projects in service design for public and private sector innovation. He was part of the team that developed the award winning, pan-European process; ‘Future City Game’ which utilized service design thinking and co-design for urban development.